Exceptional Experiences that Capture the Essence of our Clients.

The Acreage is a full service events company founded in 2014 by husband and wife team, Kevin and Kristina Beasley. Centered on Southern Hospitality, our team provides personalized planning, comprehensive coordination, intentional design, and fine cuisine for events of a lifetime.

Our clients invest in a welcoming environment, hospitable service, and unforgettable evenings. Valuing our expertise and trusting our process, they experience their vision not only brought to life, but taken to the next level. We truly have the best clients.

Kevin Beasley

A honed eye for classic sophistication and an expertise in execution, Kevin leads a team with a focus on experiences. He is a curator of understated elegance, focusing on natural beauty, with a design approach lending itself to subtle palettes and refined details. He is a believer in thoughtful design and impeccable service. Well versed in the event industry, Kevin has played key roles in event design, event production, and the food and beverage sector. As an architect of events, his creative approach to design fosters the ultimate in event experiences.

Kristina Beasley

A leader of logistics and a producer of one-of-a-kind experiences. Kristina brings both joy and expertise to the planning process. She exists as the ultimate problem solver and a true needs anticipator, providing her clients with a process that is engaging and enjoyable. With a belief that your event should be uniquely yours, Kristina plans and produces weddings that consistently deliver high-touch experiences.

Amanda Barnes

Our focus on one-of-a-kind experiences from the planning process to the end of a celebratory weekend are supported by our Director of Hospitality. Amanda’s innate focus on the guest experience is evident through her expression of Southern Hospitality, ensuring you and your guests feel welcome from arrival to departure. Amanda’s attention to your guests fosters the utmost guest experience.

Annelise Wallace

Loved for her personal approach to the wedding planning process, organization, and eye for even the smallest of details, Anneliese coordinates the numerous aspects that bring an event to life. She is a natural leader, ensuring our team and vendor partners provide the highest quality experience for you and your guests.

Chelsea Bowen

Chelsea’s calm manner and positive approach allows her to navigate any situation. Known for her style, sophistication, and precision she leads what we believe to be the most important element of your day, the wedding ceremony. Chelsea will keep you and your bridal party informed, engaged, and experiencing a weekend full of unforgettable moments.